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A Contemporary Indian Wonder: Gift City

The GIFT City, also known as the Gujarat Finance Tec-City, serves as a worldwide financial and technological centre. It is well suited to the development of an internationally recognised and integrated metropolis with modern amenities. The objective is to establish a healthy environment that promotes growth and development in a variety of fields, including finance, technology, education, culture, and health. The Modi government, following in the footsteps of other industrialised countries, has taken the initiative to establish a metropolis with all the amenities and a safe and serene atmosphere. During the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investor Summit 2007, the idea of the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, or The GIFT City, was devised, with the East China Architectural Design and Research Institute leading the way in development.
Gandhinagar’s GIFT City is a city inside a city. Offices, residential flats, schools, hospitals, hotels, clubs, and retail spaces, as well as recreational amenities, are all spread throughout. The connection is superb, which makes life easier. Gujarat International Finance Center is an 880-acre project with the first of the 100 planned communities being Hi-Tec GIFT City. The most active and hoped-for destination in Gandhinagar is GIFT City.
It is India's first eco-friendly, modern smart city, and when completed, it will be one of the country's biggest economic hubs. GIFT City is a worldwide knowledge and innovation hub focused on doing good for the environment. GIFT City's mission is to become an example of sustainable growth and make the world a better place.

Gift City Gandhinagar Offers The Following Benefits

Connecting with financial centres like China, the United States, and the Gulf Cooperation Council countries is part of India’s long-term strategy. GIFT City will grow into a thriving worldwide financial, economic, and commercial powerhouse. It will be well-equipped to provide these financial and digital technology services, and it will have a strong entrepreneurial pipeline. It will become the world’s biggest financial services and technology hub with a high level of governance and transparency.
GIFT City is a new worldwide financial and information technology services hub. It includes all aspects of high-end urban infrastructure. Banking, asset management, insurance, IT services, and ITeS/BPO services are the target business categories. A number of major Indian banks have already purchased land in the area. GIFT City is a proposed business zone based on the notion of walking to work.

Gandhinagar’s Gift City Is Developing

The master goal for GIFT City was to build the financial hub to at least 60 million square feet as part of the “GIFT City Development Plan (GDDP) 2017–2023” because it is a step-by-step initiative.

  • In the GDDP whitepaper, we got a glimpse of what may happen.
  • The proposal included five different types of residential and commercial possibilities, each with its own building schedule.
  • Antilla, one of the housing alternatives, was the subject of a case study that provided us with a fascinating insight into how the project was put together.
  • The procedure included a site study, land purchase, drawings, and EPC contracts.
  • Commercial office areas, residential areas, metro rail stations, stores, restaurants, and cafés were all included.
Gift City Gandhinagar Promotes Innovative Solutions
  • To keep it green, GIFT City includes a lot of green features.
  • In phase II of the project, the development of an inland port and an SEZ is also underway.
  • In total, there will be 15 international conference centres and 17,000 hotel rooms.
  • 5,000 of these rooms will be available to visitors.
  • Start-ups, new age, and smart firms have a lot of opportunities to expand and take off as a financial and technology hub in GIFT City.
  • Many jobs in finance and technology would be generated as a result of this.

Gift City Is Home To Environmentally Friendly Innovations

GIFT City is one of India’s first eco-friendly smart cities, with a long-term growth strategy in mind. GIFT City was designed to be particularly green by using the latest methods in energy efficiency, water conservation, and waste management.

  • The city will be constructed using high-tech materials that are both resistant to natural calamities and environmentally friendly. For example, the city has been designed to resist floods and earthquakes.
  • To keep the heat or cold out, residents of GIFT City will have low-emissivity glass installed on the outside of all of their properties.
  • They don’t need to consume as much power during the daytime hours since the roofs are designed to allow in natural light.
  • Rainwater harvesting devices will be installed to conserve water.
  • Rainwater will be stored for subsequent use in these systems.
  • Wastewater recycling systems will purify sewage water for toilet flushing, laundry, and dishwashing.
  • The amount of garbage in Gujarat’s rivers and lakes will be reduced as a result of this.


Future Vision Of Gift City

Gift City is meant to be a location where individuals may learn about and manufacture new items. The city is projected to become the financial capital of South Asia as part of a 10-year master plan.

  • In the future, it will be a worldwide financial powerhouse with a world-class corporate climate.
  • It will also address the difficulties and possibilities that come with a fast-growing, future-ready economy.
  • It will also serve as a management and information technology centre of excellence (IT).
  • It will provide new opportunities for local and international professionals to study and develop.

Gift City Is Now Accessible To Anyone And Everyone

The Gujarat government has passed a decision enabling people who are not employed at GIFT City to live there, clearing the path for anybody to purchase and inhabit a home. Only individuals employed at GIFT City, which is located on the outskirts of Gandhinagar, have been allowed to live in residential properties within the city. Initially, only GIFT City employees were allowed to purchase and live in residential apartments. A few years ago, the government allowed any individual or investor who was not employed by the city to create and own a residential property, but only GIFT City employees were allowed to live there.

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